BG Products

Merewether Mechancial use the BG Products below as an integral part of every vehicle service.

Since 1971, BG Products, Inc. have been manufacturing high performance chemical treatments and service equipment to the Automotive Industry. Since then the brand has become synonymous with outstanding technical excellence.

With origins in the U.S., BG Products are now sold worldwide and have received endorsements from several international Original Equipment Manufacturers. Everyday, over 100,000 service workshops use BG products and services, and they are now available to automotive professionals throughout Australia.

BG chose Essential Service Programs for it’s Australian operations because of the unrivalled New Car Dealer and Independent Workshop experience of our people. Our mission is to source and market the worlds highest quality chemicals, equipment, service training and customer loyalty programs



CF5 Petrol Treatment

BG CF5 petrol supplement is a unique, advanced chemistry service treatment designed to provide total deposit control throughout the life of an engine. Added to the fuel tank every six months, BG CF5 will keep intake manifolds, injectors, valves, combustion chambers, oxygen sensors and EGR systems clean and free of damaging deposits.

Prevents fuel from decaying, and provides long-term fuel storage stability.

Combats E10 fuel system corrosion.
It is effective in the prevention of fuel system corrosion commonly found in vehicles using Ethanol fuels, and corrosion due to water in fuels.


Quick Clean for Engines

An advanced formula Engine Flush formulated for use in diesel and petrol vehicles at every oil change service interval.Removes harmful carbon, sludge and varnish deposits from the oil system and helps reduce oil burning, piston ring sticking and exhaust emissions. Neutralises crankcase acidity.Its powerful dispersant properties ensure that all contaminants are dissolved into ultra-fine particles, ensuring it is safe to flush oil systems with even the smallest of oil strainers.Vehicles regularly flushed with BG105 suffer fewer VVT, Air Intake, EGR and Diesel Particulate Filter issues.